The 'SUCCESS' Program for male clients with little or no sexual experience.

S - Skills for

U - Undeveloped

C - Candidates

C - Collecting

E - Experience for

S - Successful

S - Sexual Relations

This Program, consists of five parts, that equips men with all the necessary skills and abilities to gain confidence as a lover.

We ensure that all experiences, whether emotional, physical or mental can easily be transferred to intimate relationships in the future with a partner of your choice.

All practical sessions are carefully crafted and tailored to individual needs and designed to address and resolve your personal issues and concerns.

Some of the key features of this Initiation Program are:

Building initial communication and trust. Deepening sensation and pleasure in your own body. Learning about the female body. Connecting mentally and emotionally with a partner. Experimenting with sensual touch, and kissing.

Each sessions lasts 2 hours and goes through the different areas of what you can do to help yourself get the experience you need to help you find a relationship and keep it.